Songs of Love -Collection of Translated Hymns (ebook)

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Thank God for His gift of music.
He has created the sparrows to sing and dance all their life,
Though they have no barn to store and are often lonely.
God’s children should be a singing people with even greater joy,
Shining forth in this dark and gloomy world.

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The hymns in this hymnal contain very precious central truths from eternity to eternity, like the wonderful eternal love of the Trinity, the deepest relationships between God and men, men’s true value and meaning of life, etc. These can help the church to live in the important reality and stay on the right path.

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The songs in this hymnal, which are frequently sung and enjoyed by brothers and sisters, were written in Chinese and translated into English. It is hoped that our joy, our vision and our love response to the Lord can be shared with more people.

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