The End-time Tribulation (ebook)

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We are living in a crucial generation,
One that is so near to the Lord’s second coming.
In this last stage as we approach the finish line,
The most important thing is our relationship with the Lord.
We should keep a longing heart to draw near to Him.

Book Description

This book gives an outline and illustrations of Revelation Chapter 6 to 22. The Lord will gloriously descend to the earth to start the brilliant Millennium. It will be a brand new page for the whole world. In regards to His second coming, there are even more prophecies mentioned in the Bible. Also, they tell of many signs and the scenes of the earth before His coming.

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Table of Contents

The Lord Jesus comes back to receive the church
The first seal: A white horse
The second seal: A fiery red horse
The third seal: A black horse

The fourth seal: A pale horse

The fifth seal: The cry of the martyrs from the first 3 ½ years

The seventh seal: The prelude to the seven trumpets
The first trumpet: One-third of the earth will be burned up
The second trumpet: One-third of the sea will become blood

The third trumpet: One-third of the waters will become bitter

The fourth trumpet: One-third of the sun, and of the moon, and of the stars will be struck

The fifth trumpet: Evil spirits will torment men for five months

The sixth trumpet: The massacre by the army of 200 million horsemen

The seventh trumpet: Proclaiming the kingdom of God after the seven bowls

The first bowl: Foul and loathsome sores
The second bowl: The sea will turn to blood
The third bowl: The waters will turn to blood

The fourth bowl: Men will be scorched by the sun

The fifth bowl: The darkness of the beast’s kingdom and the pain of men

The sixth bowl: The Euphrates will dry up. The kings will gather to Armageddon
The seventh bowl: A great earthquake and great hail

Hallelujah in heaven; The marriage supper of the Lamb
The glorious return of Christ

The wonderful scenes in the Millennium
New heaven and new earth; New Jerusalem

Appendix: Signs of the Lord’s return on the earth

About the Author

Brother Daniel Yu

Brother Daniel Yu was born in 1943 in Guiyang, Guizhou, China. He and his family fled to Hong Kong during the Second World War. By God’s grace he became a Christian and was saved in 1959. In 1964, God commissioned him to revive the church, to glorify God and to bring millions back to Himself. In response to this commission, he quitted his job as a nurse and engaged himself in full-time ministry. For over 50 years he has lived by faith relying on God’s supply. God uses Brother Yu to plant churches and raise up many brothers and sisters to love Him in sincerity, bringing forth a revival movement which influences and blesses Hong Kong and the world.

Since the day of conversion till now, Brother Daniel Yu has highly treasured drawing near to God and allegiance to bible teachings. He pursues the knowledge of the Lord with passion and reads widely. With God’s gifts of spiritual discernment and enlightenment on bible truths, he figured out a right path of spiritual pursuit and building the church. Brother Yu also pays much attention to literary and audio-visual ministries. He has published more than 60 books and message collections, some of which have been translated into English and other languages.

Brother Daniel Yu is also a poet. He has written thousands of hymns. With sincere affection he sings and praises the truth. His hymns have helped numerous brothers and sisters to sing to the Lord with their hearts and overflow with worship. Through singing worship, brothers and sisters experience interflow of love and affection with God, entering into the depths of His infinitely beautiful heart.

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