The Lord’s journey, seven wonders of the universe (ebook)

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The love journey of the Lord on the earth,
Or ""the seven wonders of the universe,""
Is a precious and wonderful truth.
May we enjoy it in our everyday life.

Book Description

This book helps young believers to understand more deeply the Lord’s journey of love. More importantly, this book aims to increase our desire for the Lord so that we will arrange our daily schedule to meditate on Him and feel His truth throughout the day. Then, we will enter into worship and be led by the Holy Spirit into deeper love and fellowship with the Lord.

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Table of Contents

Foreword Chapter 1: The Most Wonderful Things in the Universe
Chapter 2: The Lord was Born for Us
Chapter 3: The Lord was Crucified for Us
Chapter 4: The Lord is Risen – the Meaning of His Resurrection
Chapter 5: The Risen Lord – His Glory and Beauty
Chapter 6: The Lord’s Ascension – Our Tremendous Joy
Chapter 7: The Lord’s Ascension – Our Great High Priest
Chapter 8: The Holy Spirit Came; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Forever Live in Us
Chapter 9: The Lord Comes Again to Take Us Up
Chapter 10: We will Descend from Heaven with the Lord
Appendices by Daniel Yu
1. Seven Words on the Cross
2. The Lord’s Seven Words upon His Resurrection
3. The Life and Condition in the New City

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978-962-313-282-4 (print edition) ; 978-962-313-422-4 (epub edition)


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First Edition

Fist Edition: 2013 ; ebook Edition: 2021




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